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The Atlanta Chapter's message of “Building Bridges of Understanding” has been advanced through extensive media outreach. Through this message, AJC has presented itself as the leading Jewish organization on issues of Pluralism, Israel and International Affairs, Contemporary Jewish Issues and Domestic Policy. This archive offers a glimpse into AJC’s exciting history.

American Diversity and Pluralism - Throughout the years many articles have been published on Atlanta Chapter events with other religions, cultures and ethnicities in Atlanta. The Atlanta Chapter has developed relationships with:

  • African-Americans
  • Indian-Americans
  • Latinos
  • Asians-Americans
  • Christians – Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists and others
  • Muslims

Israel/International Affairs - The Atlanta Chapter has been featured in the media advocating Israel and other global issues important to the Jewish community as well as for developing strong relationships with Atlanta’s Consular Corps from states such as:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Switzerland, Uzbekistan 

Jewish Identity – AJC’s Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is the biggest  annual attraction for AJC. People from all over Atlanta experience Jewish culture through the magic of film. ACCESS, the young adult division of American Jewish Committee, fosters the growth of young Jewish leaders through social, leadership, and educational events. Media has publicized many of these events and honored many ACCESS leaders in the Atlanta Community.

Public Affairs – Media has covered many meetings of the Atlanta Chapter with Georgia leaders on public policy issues through programs, forums, and the yearly “Peace Politics: Jewish Day at the Capital”. Issues that have been covered include:

  • Voter Identification
  • Immigration legislation
  • Education
  • Church and State Issues
  • Changing of the Georgia State Flag

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