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The projects and programs of American Jewish Committee are financed mostly through your personal contributions. These personal gifts not only sustain AJC, but also deliver a powerful vote of confidence. Your contribution is crucial if AJC is to retain its prestige - built over 110 years - as one of the most highly regarded, effective and respected advocacy organizations in America and beyond.

Your support...
    • Allows AJC flexibility in meeting its most pressing needs;
    • Helps combat anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry;
    • Defends democratic values and promotes Human Rights;
    • Improves intergroup and interfaith relations;
    • Provides for the security of the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide;
    • Improves the quality of American life. 

AJC Atlanta is the local gateway to AJC’s global advocacy program. Through a multifaceted program that engages diplomats, opinion makers, political representatives, and ethnic and religious leaders, we advance AJC’s worldwide campaign for Israel, for freedom, and for peace.

Our collective future depends on you, and that’s why your involvement is so important now. Donate to AJC Atlanta and shape our future.