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Josh Levs of CNN, Pastor Walter Shurden, executive director of the Center for Baptist Studies at Mercer University, Gary Simson, Mercer University School of Law, and Dov WIlker, Executive Director AJC Atlanta, at the 2012- Baptist-Jewish Dialogue.


The large, dynamic and diverse Baptist and Evangelical communites of greater Atlanta are some of AJC's key partners. The AJC and Evangelical organizations have jointly attacked a host of evils, such as slavery in Sudan, sex trafficking, prison rape, and religious persecution around the globe. In the words of the Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land, who serves on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom with the AJC's Felice Gair: "I sense a new appreciation on the part of AJC and other Jewish groups for evangelicals." AJC hopes to continue this partnership moving forward, focusing on shared concerns lke comprehensive immigration reform, which both the AJC and the NAE (National Asssociation of Evangelicals) have endorsed. AJC also cultivates friendly relations with the members of the Christian Zionist movement in Atlanta, as we have mutual goals- the safety and well-being of the state of Israel.


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